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Gothic is a humor-and-horror Monster of the Week actual play podcast wherein our travelers negotiate a world of Gothic ruins as well as the spookiest places in a Contemporary Now. Currently releasing every other Thursday @ 12:01 a.m. (PST).

September 17, 2020

Episode 19: A Price to Pay

In Episode 19 of the Gothic Podcast, our Gothic travelers must make untenable choices.

The Gothic Podcast is an actual-play audio drama made by four friends out of our cobbled together studios in Portland, OR. For the first season, we're using the Monster of the Week rules to tell the stories of our errant characters.

You can find us on Podbean at Gothicpodcast.comand on all sorts of social media; please feel free to contact us on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, or at our email at thegothicpodcast at gmail dot com -- we would LOVE to see some fan art. And check out our Patreon. Though we aren't very good about getting our episodes out early (we drive this bus pretty close to the edge of the cliff), we are looking to add some new Patron-only content soon: a Kids on Bikes campaign that we're calling canon adjacent, starring a young Grace Morrow and L.J. And if you just want to support us just because, well, we'll take that, too.


The Cast--

Patrick: The Keeper of Monsters and Secrets, and your host

Sharon: Grace Moreau and Dr. Grace Morrow

Jesse: Lori and L.J.

Nathan: Mr. Chauncey Candlewick and Jacob Candle


Our theme music was composed by Zoe Hovland

Cover Artwork was arted by Jared George Art

The background music for this episode was "100 Seconds" by Punch Deck, provided under a Creative Commons License.


Thanks for traveling a while with us, Sojourners...

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